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The Ecommerce Profit Calculator

Our exact "copy & paste" template for improving the first-order profitability of DTC eCommerce brands. Make your store more profitable!

(includes "plug and play" analysis of paid ads, bundles, upsells, transaction fees, overheads, refunds, and dozens of other metrics...)

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  • Take Back Control: Make intelligent, data-driven decisions with confidence.

  • Achieve Self-funded Growth: Shorten your cashflow cycles with first-order profitability.

  • Monitor Your KPIs: Focus on the most important metrics for DTC eCommerce.

  • Secure Your Brand's Future: Consistently high profitability increases enterprise value.

For Brand Owners Who Want To Build Something That Lasts

Dear eCommerce brand owner, online retailer, dropshipper, or anyone who has a WEBSITE to sell their product (or simple service) direct to consumers...

This letter could change your financial situation forever. The material we're about to share certainly changed the game for us.

The first thing I want to share with you is the "Ecom Profit Calculator": this is the tool that catapulted our online brands from having in-consistent, barely-there profits to growing longlasting, valuable assets that we could choose to keep for years, or sell for a handsome sum. 

This is the exact "copy & paste" template that we use for assessing performance and managing the first-order profitability of our brands. We also use it to plan out new brands before we launch, and help our clients become more profitable more quickly. 

Our Ecom Profit Calculator helps you clearly identify and solve the structural weaknesses in your brand that hold you back from scaling profitably. 

Maybe you struggle to spend more than $100 per day on ads without risking going backwards. Maybe you haven't launched ads yet and want more confidence to step forward. Maybe you are profitable one day and unprofitable the next. 

This tool will help you to see exactly why, and provide suggestions for what to focus on to take your brand to the next level of success.

The version of the tool you'll receive is the final iteration after 4 years of adjustments and fine-tuning. Included with it is a "bolt-on" training to show you exactly how to fully utilize the profit calculator.

⚠️ Now... a warning ⚠️

This isn't your aunt's spreadsheet.

And it's NOT meant to be a "quick fix" for your eCommerce brand.

In fact, it'll most likely be a painful exercise — because it will reveal areas in your business where you are weak. 

Some entrepreneurs will choose to look away (and hope that things will somehow improve on their own).

While intelligent entrepreneurs will become excited as the new prospects of growth.

The rest of this letter is for the latter.

We can tell you exactly what needs to happen for you to see your brand — your baby — effortlessly blossom and scale.

Big promise? Yes — but it's true, if we know two things:

  • Where you're starting from

  • Where you want to end up

With the "Ecom Profit Calculator", we'll find out where you are now and what needs to be fixed to move forward. 

To figure out what needs to happen to get you where you want to end up, we have included some training videos that teach you the math and the metrics to unlock true sustainable growth for your eCommerce brand. 

Did you know:

  • There are 11 levers to increase profitability?

  • Most brands struggle with the same 4 issues?

This is truly phenomenal stuff and it made a huge difference to our own brands when we first discovered it. 

The first step to being able to bootstrap your own brand to successful growth and profits — without giving up precious equity to investors as a cushion while you "figure things out" — is to know better than your competitors what it takes to make eCommerce brands work, from the inside out. 

If you can engineer your eCommerce brand to be successful by getting its fundamental settings right, you can unlock true business freedom and you win at the game of eCommerce

I've taken a snippet from the training videos to actually walk you through this calculator and show you how it works. 

In the video, you can see how your brand's marketing, fixed costs, product offerings, pricing, refund rates, and website performance all combine to determine your take-home profits. Whether you buy this tool or not, you will get clarity and value just by reading the page and watching the video.

Take a moment now to stop scrolling and watch the following short video.

Ecom Profit Calculator Walkthrough

Ok - watched the video? Then you see just how mindlessly EASY it is with our tool's dashboard to see EXACTLY what is going on in your eCommerce business. 

Now, did you know that 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow issues?

You heard that right — 82% of small businesses fail because they RUN OUT OF CASH before they figure out how to be consistently profitable. 

That's a dire industry statistic. (Source: Fundera)

When you launch your ecommerce brand, you are in race against the clock to start bringing in profits. Profits are required for your brand to thrive and prosper.

But the race is rigged against you.

Some eCommerce brand owners buy themselves some additional time ("runway" as we call it in startup parlance) by getting equity investment or debt financing, or by subsidizing their business themselves. But there are problems with each of these approaches. 

Problem #1: Giving up your equity (selling shares in your business to investors) means losing your independence, to do what you want when you want. You now have a bunch of investors to report to, second-guessing all your decisions.

Problem #2: Debt financing is very risky for small businesses. Few lenders will give you money unless it is secured against an asset such as your house (which means if the business goes under you lose your home) or has exorbitant interest rates. 

Other business owners subsidize their brand by working a day job and pumping money into the business to cover the minimum operational expenses. 

Problem #3: But the available money is extremely limited (as you also need to pay your personal bills out of each payslip). You can't afford employees, you will be stressed out of your mind, and the leftover money paying for software subscriptions, stock, and maybe a little marketing is often just delaying the inevitable — burnout and resentment. 

And in any case, the overall issue still remains: 


It's not always a straightforward process, and requires expertise from those experienced at growing eCommerce businesses, who know what to look out for at EACH STAGE of your growth.

Now, what if we could shortcut this process for you? 

What if you could see EXACTLY what is stealing YOUR profits away before they hit your bank account? 

So that you could go away and work on fixing that issue yourself, confident that you are looking at the root cause?

You see, we have built a simple analysis engine into our Ecom Profit Calculator dashboard, using our years of eCommerce experience and expertise.

How does this work?

Well, the Ecom Profit Calculator takes the basic input data from your brand that you can easily read off your Shopify Analytics dashboard or ad platform (e.g. daily marketing budget, clickthrough rates, conversion rate, product prices and costs, refund rate).

It then instantly computes your expected brand performance on metrics such as:

  • Gross margins and net margins

  • Number of daily orders

  • Gross sales revenue and operating profits

  • Expected average order value (AOV)

  • Revenue per website visitor (RPV)

  • Return on adspend (ROAS) and breakeven ROAS

  • Return on marketing investment (ROMI)

  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

  • and more...

But it doesn't just spit out the numbers for you, it also provides context, which we have programmed into it using our deep industry experience and knowledge of (1) where the metrics sit for the best performing brands and (2) how they compare to average. 

It tells you if you need to look at your gross margins (maybe increasing prices or negotiating with your suppliers).

It tells you if you need to look at your conversion rate (maybe adjusting the copy and design of the product page). 

It tells you if you need to look at your clickthrough rates (maybe trialling new ads).

This additional context is literal gold for anyone in the DTC eCommerce industry who wants to really KNOW their numbers and what's going on in their business and why. 

Having the Ecom Profit Calculator by your side is like having the brains of our eCommerce experts at your disposal, 24/7.

Now, an important disclaimer:

The Ecom Profit Calculator doesn't tell you exactly what to do to fix things, but it tells you where to look in your business to probably find the root cause of your profitability issues.

Of course, this calculator cannot provide specific business advice. 

If you'd like one of our eCommerce consultants to dig into your business with you and develop a comprehensive tailored roadmap to profitability, or have our in-house team of experts run your marketing, you can book a call with us later. 

But we know that not everyone is looking for this degree of support, which is why we developed this unique calculator to "extend our brains" into a tool. 

Super inexpensive, but infinitely valuable for every DTC eCommerce brand! 

But that's not even the best thing about the Ecom Profit Calculator. 

The best thing is the "What If" scenarios you can explore to your heart's content, and see what easy changes you can make to have the biggest impact on your profits. 

For example, "what if" nothing changed in your business, but overnight your conversion rate went from 1% to 3%. This means that out of every 100 visitors that you send to your website, three of those people are now buying your product (instead of just one). 

Maybe you found a way to more precisely target your audience for no additional cost. Maybe you redesigned the branded product page to better emphasize the selling points of your product.

Doesn't matter. At the end of the day, what individual impact on your profits would that small increase in your conversion rate have?

Using the data from the video you watched above, this is the BEFORE scenario (1%) direct from the Ecom Profit Calculator:

And this is the AFTER scenario (3%):

You are still getting 86 website visitors per day.

Your gross margins are still the same.

Your average order value is unchanged

But, instead of averaging 0.86 orders per day, you are now averaging 2.57 orders per day, OFF THE SAME TRAFFIC AND MARKETING BUDGET!

The bottom-line impact on your business of this tiny change is dramatic.

One moment, you were a brand struggling to breakeven, averaging a $15.93 operating loss each day.

But now, you are suddenly a brand averaging a $160.26 daily operating profit, after accounting for your $100/day marketing budget and fixed costs.

You have a brand that is structurally profitable, with 39% net margins!

Now that you are more confident in your profitability, "what if" you reinvest profits and increase your daily marketing budget from $100 to $300?

We go back to the calculator and investigate...

Now we are averaging $488.83 per day in operating profit!

The return on marketing investment number at the bottom is telling you that your business is structurally returning $1.63 in profit into your bank account for every $1 that you spend on marketing. 

So you see that the Ecom Profit Calculator is an incredibly valuable tool for you to explore how changes will impact your business.

It helps us and many of our clients with setting concrete goals, and knowing what to focus on to try to make that change happen. 

We used this tool to help us launch one of our own eCommerce brands to over $340,000 USD in sales within 90 days of opening. At well over 30% net margins. Here is the Shopify account, with an example of the daily breakdown inlaid on the image. 

It goes without saying that our result is not typical for users of the Ecom Profit Calculator. We have in our team some of the most knowledgable and experienced people in the eCommerce industry today, and this experience helped us to achieve these results. 

But the point is, that we used the Ecom Profit Calculator to plan out the launch for this business long before we actually opened the shop.

We were able to use the tool to check that our pricing and margins were sufficient to enable us to expect profits at the end of each day. 

We were able to research average ad costs and refund rates in the relevant industry and enter them into the Calculator.

We were also able to make some tweaks in the first 30 days after launching, that further improved the profitability. For example, we tested a $50 increase in the purchase price and we saw no drop in the conversion rate. So that was an extra $50 per order going into our bank account!

The Ecom Profit Calculator has helped many beginner brands too. For example, our client Nick used the calculator tool to plan his store launch and ended up making over $2000 in sales before even launching ads. This was his Shopify account the week he opened his store. 

So.. You've read this page, watched the walkthrough video, and are likely very serious about securing this private tool and accompanying training videos.

Some of you ask - how can we offer this tool so cheaply?

Well, we have a reputation for authenticity and zero "BS". 

So of course, we'll lay it all out for you here. Here's the full, unadulterated truth. You should expect nothing less.

Up until recently, this tool was only available to clients who paid us thousands of dollars in one of our B2B services. 

Word-of-mouth spread, and people kept asking us to purchase the Ecom Profit Calculator on a standalone basis. So we reluctantly offered it for sale at a price of $197 USD to "friends of existing clients". It got snapped up at this price point by dozens of people daily. 

As a standalone product, it does not make any economic sense for us to sell this tool any cheaper than $197 USD, as we would likely be doing so at an operating loss after accounting for overheads and customer acquisition costs. But we have found an ingenious way to offer it to you now for a fraction of that price.

Basically, we know that a very small subset of those who purchase a copy of our Ecom Profit Calculator will come back and want to pay us many tens of thousands of $$$ in private consulting or agency fees for us to get alongside them and speed up the process of taking their eCommerce brands to the next level.

The rest of you can just enjoy this tool with a clear conscience, knowing that we have structured our business to be able to essentially give it to you significantly more cheaply than is reasonable (yes, this is a loss-leading strategy for us!). 

And there is no obligation to buy anything from us ever again. 

No "hidden fees". No BS.

The Ecom Profit Calculator is the culmination of literally millions of dollars spent in scaling brands, including our experience scaling individual ecom brands beyond $15,000 in daily marketing spend

So, let's cut to the chase. I'll walk you through everything you get right now when you purchase the Ecom Profit Calculator. 


The Ecom Profit Calculator 

Our exact "copy & paste" template for improving the first-order profitability of DTC eCommerce brands. Make your store more profitable! 

This is accompanied by the walkthrough video above for you to refer back to at any time.

The Ecom Metrics Video Training 

We take a deep dive into the data from a DTC eCommerce store and teach you the ins and outs of all the metrics you need to know about. 

More than that, this training teaches you how the metrics fit together, how to interpret what they mean, and much more.  

Be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to challenge BS when you see it. 

Private, Customer-Only Dashboard

A secure place inside our learning management system where you can access the training videos, and download the Ecom Profit Calculator as many times as you like. Yours for life. 

BONUS: The Ecom Profit Equation Video Walkthrough

This video training does a deep dive into the 11 key factors that determine the performance and profitability of DTC eCommerce brands. 

WHY are we including all of this?

We're offering the "Ecom Profit Calculator", the Ecom Metrics Video Training, and the BONUS Profit Equation Video Training, all accessible in a secure private dashboard in our learning management system. 

All for a one-time limited price of...

$197.00$33.00- 83% OFF
$33.00 USD

What's the catch?

The only catch is you must use the product and watch the videos.

Our goal with offering this tool so cheaply is to create a relationship. Once you sit down to use the tool in your brand and watch the accompanying videos, there is a good chance you will come back to deepen the relationship. 

Many of our current clients started with us because of a relationship. We offered incredible value, they implemented and got results, and they kept coming back again and again. 

But to re-emphasize again, there are no hidden fees here and there is ZERO obligation to buy anything from us again in the future.

So here is the link below where you can get the Ecom Profit Calculator + bonuses!

N.B. Once you purchase, you will receive an email from "The Bootstrapped Business School" with instructions to create your account & password. Allow up to five minutes for the email to arrive, although usually it is much faster than that. If you don't see the email after five minutes, check your spam folder just in case.

Make sure you use the same email that you purchased with. Everything you bought will be inside waiting for you!

(The listed complimentary products and bonuses are automatically included)

$197.00$33.00- 83% OFF
$33.00 USD
  • Sale Off
    Ecom Profit Calculator
    $33.00$197.00-83% OFF
    $33.00 USD
  • Sale Off
    Ecom Profit Calculator
    $33.00$197.00 - 83% OFF
    $33.00 USD

This is NOT for you IF...

If you don't already have a eCommerce store or brand, this is not for you.

If you are not planning to launch an eCommerce store or brand, this is not for you.

If you sell crap products or you do not genuinely care about your customers, this is not for you.

If, however, you are a motivated direct-to-consumer eCommerce store owner, who wants an ethical "fast lane" to help you achieve profitability and unlock growth, and who is striving to be better every day — purchase this right away... before we discontinue it. 

Everything you see included is yours to keep for life. The tool is timeless and will work just as well ten years from now. 


The Bootstrapped Business School

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