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(Maybe you used our Ecom Profit Calculator to know exactly "where to look" to find the problems with your store... Our Sales Surge Membership will help you master the art of "what to do" about getting rid of those problems once and for all!)

  • Make Better Decisions Faster: Use our private accountability chat as a sounding board.

  • Watch Your Sales Surge: Implement our strategies to quickly boost profits.

  • Get Free 1-1 Consulting: Free audit & frank advice from a 7 to 8 figs/year Ecom store owner.

  • Secure Your Brand's Future: Sales growth & profitability increases enterprise value.

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The Reality Check.

Most isolated small business owners and entrepreneurs eventually feel "burned out" from stress and the lack of a support network.

How are you going to survive?

Starting and running a business can be incredibly isolating.

In the beginning, it is just you, your dream, and your perseverance.

The majority of people with 9-5 jobs can no longer relate to your struggles as an entrepreneur and new business owner. 

Humans are usually social creatures and typically like to feel reassured that there is a community to support them in order to be able to relax and work in an optimal state of mind. Plus it just makes things more fun. 

We like to know that "others have our back", and that we are part of a tribe. 

Who is likely to feel stressed less often: 1) a single mum with no support network trying to juggle everything on their own, or 2) a parent with a supportive partner, friends and relatives?

It's the same story with entrepreneurs. 

It's often hard to find your support crew.

So that's why, today, we are bringing your support crew to you.

"Ok I understand why community is important, but what about the rest of my problems with my eCommerce store?" - you might ask.

Well, glad you asked.

Aside from the private accountability community, the biggest part of what we offer is ongoing access to a dynamic toolbox of training material that is regularly updated with the latest cutting-edge strategies that are proven to work... pure gold that usually costs tens of thousands of dollars in other programs.  

Examples of just a few trainings covered:

  • How to get cheaper attention from your ideal buyers

  • How to stop your ads bleeding money

  • How to convert curiosity into customers

  • How to raise prices without losing customers

  • How to successfully negotiate costs down with suppliers

  • How to get customers buying more each time they shop with you

  • How to get lower return and refund rates

  • How to save money on transaction fees

  • Smart ways to run a lean ecom business with low overheads

  • The unexpected way to save money by spending more

A Personal Letter... Brand Owners Who Want

  More Sales & Better Profits

This letter represents a genuine offer to help your ecom store grow faster. 

Until recently, we have struggled to effectively help people who cannot afford to hire us directly as consultants. Consultants are expensive, and if we try to help everyone directly, we will go out of business.

So we put together an ultra-affordable offer that gets results for clients. 

As previously described, this Sales Surge Membership contains a COMMUNITY and a SERVICE. 

Here's what it looks like...


✅ We have packaged into a playbook our highest performing strategies to boost profits. 

✅ We run through the "what", the "why", and the "how". 

✅ The cutting-edge of ecom moves quickly, so as the "how" evolves, we regularly update this content and add new content to ensure you always get the best information. 


✅ We have curated a private group chat of ecommerce business owners.

✅ You get an invitation to join the Sales Surge Squad, and we have this chat hosted in a dedicated, secure app (Telegram). 

✅ This group chat is a continual source of inspiration for ourselves, and will allow you to seek support, a second opinion, or bounce new ideas off the community.

FINALLY, (and we didn't mention this before!)

✅ You also get a FREE 1-1 consulting session included as a sign up bonus.

✅ You can schedule this (at a time that suits you) either immediately or later on.  

✅ This will be with one of our in-house Ecom expert mentors who has grown their own stores to at least 7 or 8 figures in annual turnover, at over 20% net margins. 

✅ During the session, they will do a live audit of your store and any ads you might be running, then give you detailed feedback and a list of tailored suggestions to help boost your profits. 

✅ You can also "pick their brains" about anything you like!

This is all designed to solve the biggest problems smaller ecommerce brands most commonly face, all for an extremely affordable price, in a format that is also viable for us to manage for you.

⚠️ Now... a warning ⚠️

Making an eCom store successful is 80% educated planning and 20% adjusting and iterating" based on your actual data. 

Our expert mentors have been around teaching business for years, have advanced degrees with honours from top universities, AND have scaled their own eCommerce brands to multiple 6 figures in monthly sales at healthy net margins. 

We do theory AND practice.

We're qualified AND experienced.

We can talk the talk AND walk the walk. 

AND, we're here to serve YOU.

You should also know that while the strategies we teach are currently working for us and our clients, getting results for your eCommerce brand takes patience and persistence

We will take a look at your eCom store and set you on a path to improvement, but you also need to level up and take massive action with what we show you.

Getting a complimentary store consultation with us, for example, may be a painful exercise — because it will reveal areas in your business where you are weak. 

But "no pain, no gain", as goes the proverb.

Some entrepreneurs will choose to look away (and hope that things will somehow improve on their own). While intelligent entrepreneurs will become excited as the new prospects of growth.

If you're scared of growth, being held accountable, taking action, and being successful, please leave now and don't sign up. If this is you, we can't help you and we don't need you in our community.

If, however, you're ready to dedicate yourself to mastering the craft of eCommerce and becoming a better business operator...

...the Sales Surge Membership was created for you.

RECAP: What You Get...

The Ecommerce Profit Booster Pack 

Our no-fluff, constantly-updated toolbox of strategies to action NOW that are proven to quickly boost sales and profits.

The Exclusive Private Accountability Chat (Vetted Business Owners Only) 

A driven community of eCommerce brand owners keeping each other accountable and pushing each other to get results. 

Without any of the annoying freeloaders that regularly plague all the Facebook groups and dilute the quality of the community. 

A Free Store Consultation (Including ads review)

As a once-off sign-up bonus, schedule a call at a time that suits you (now or later) with one of our eCommerce expert mentors who has grown brands to multiple six figures per month in revenue. 

They will complete a full audit of your store and any ads you are running to give you tailored advice on what to fix to help you scale faster. 

What's the Investment?

We're proud of our Sales Surge Members.

The membership fee is a small fraction of the value you get for you and your ecommerce business. 

Implementing our strategies and being kept accountable by our community can bring about substantial growth for your business. 

We intentially don't let freeloaders in, because they will overwhelm our community and send the overall experience into the trash while bringing no value themselves. 

We back our members 100% and once you join, you will see that we uphold the highest standards for your benefit. 

Remember: You get what you pay for. 

We have two membership options. The standard investment is: 

1) a lifetime package (never pay again) that was previously sold for $2491 USD, and 

2) a month-to-month package (cancel anytime) that was previously sold for $249 USD/mo.

You can pick either one and get started today. 

NOTE: If you pick the month-to-month package and then cancel later, you will be booted from the private chat and lose access to the dynamic training material (in addition to regular updates and new additions). So we recommend the lifetime option to never worry about losing access to new content going forward!

Time is money after all. 

How much is the dragged-out uncertainty currently costing you each day your store is not performing? 

How much lost opportunity can you save by investing now to get this fixed? 

Most of our members eventually make thousands of dollars in additional sales for their business, from strategies they picked up in the Sales Surge Membership. 

Is that worth the fee to you?

If you're still reading this now, it means you are likely to be dedicated to growing your business.

But we've structured our business so that we can afford to give back to the community with this particular offer. 

So what if we let you in today for a fraction of the previous investment, and we covered the difference?

Would you jump on the opportunity?

This is NOT for you IF...

If you don't already have a eCommerce store or brand, this is not for you.

If you are not planning to launch an eCommerce store or brand, this is not for you.

If you sell crap products or you do not genuinely care about your customers, this is not for you.

If, however, you are a motivated direct-to-consumer eCommerce store owner, who wants an ethical "fast lane" to help you achieve profitability and unlock growth, and who is striving to be better every day — join SSM right away... before we discontinue it. 

A private, paid group chat built around implementing winning strategies once transformed our own business. Maybe the Sales Surge Membership will be the start of something great for yours.  


The Bootstrapped Business School

HOW can I access everything?

We're offering the "Ecommerce Profit Booster Pack", the Private Accountability Chat join link, and the BONUS Store Consultation booking link, all accessible in a secure private dashboard in our learning management system. 

N.B. Once you purchase, you will receive an email from "The Bootstrapped Business School" with instructions to create your account & password. Allow up to five minutes for the email to arrive, although usually it is much faster than that. If you don't see the email after five minutes, check your spam folder just in case.

Make sure you use the same email that you purchased with. Everything you bought will be inside waiting for you!

"I've read enough... I want to FAST-TRACK my ecom store NOW. 

What's the next steps?"

OK! We look forward to welcoming you as our newest member.


At the bottom of your screen, choose whether you want to pay monthly or buy a lifetime membership. We'll see you on the inside!

BONUS: Lifetime customers will receive a special personalised surprise gift posted in the "snail mail" to their doorstep. 

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